Episode #2: David William White on the Paper Negative Process

Posted: January 16, 2011 in Podcast
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In our second episode, we speak with southern Ontario photographer David William White, regarding his experience using the paper negative process.

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  1. […] Lefor and I have just released episode #2 of the Film Photography Podcast. In this episode, we speak with Toronto area photographer David William White about the paper […]

  2. On episode 1 you mentioned the f1.2 lens was great for shooting in ‘available darkness’ I’m familiar with the term ‘available light’, but have never heard darkness. Was this a slip of the tongue, or a common expression? Either way, it’s an interesting phrase, although there’s something slightly kinky about it.

  3. Tom says:

    I really enjoyed this podcast. I have been doing quite a few paper negatives myself, and often wondered how to deal with spectral sensitivity. In my experience it is a little more complex than David suggests, but I trust his experience over my own. (for example, a recent still-life with a brass figurine, which came out looking like onyx. I quite liked the effect, but it is not what I anticipated.)

    Keep up the great work. Some thing that might be nice in the future would be some print making with the likes of Bob Carnie, or wet plate with Bill Schwab or Kerik Kouklis. (emulsions with Rowland Mowry, recipes, etc. ) Also, depending on the amount of feedback you get, perhaps a moment or two of follow up or questions on past podcasts at the end of your show.

    Great work, guys, and good one for David.

    (BTW, I love the APUG promo, but don’t forget to reach out to the other photo communities)


  4. jeremy north says:

    I came across your podcast thanks to your appearance on the FPP meet up show.

    So far I’ve listened to three thoroughly fascinating discussions (eps 2-4) on the subjects not often broached on other photography podcasts. The darkroom is an interesting place.
    Thanks chaps.

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